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Reader/Digitizers, Molecular Assay Microarray

Definition : Readers designed for determining the fluorescence spot intensities of a two-dimensional array of dots on a molecular assay microarray (i.e., a biochip), usually on the standard microscopic slide format. They typically consist of an optical scanner that includes an either confocal or non-confocal laser scanning microscope (using at least two different wavelengths) for dye excitation, and an image detection unit (e.g., charged coupled devices, photo-multiplier tube) for signal detection. The light emitted from the dyes is passed through a series of filters, mirrors, and lenses; the light is then converted to an electric signal and digitized. Some devices include software appropriate for processing the information using a standard personal computer with an appropriate display; they may also include automated loading accessories to read barcode labels that include patient, sample, and processing information. Microarray readers are used to obtain information from cDNA, oligonucleotide, protein, SNP, and other types of microarrays used in molecular assays.

Entry Terms : "Molecular Assay Microarray Reader/Digitizers" , "Molecular Assay Microarray Scanners" , "Molecular Assay Chip Scanners" , "Biochip Scanners" , "Scanners, Microarray" , "Scanners"

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