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Refrigerators, Food, Infant Formula

Definition : Food refrigerators designed to quickly lower the temperature of heated infant formula to a temperature appropriate for infant ingestion (usually between 38 and 41 degrees Celsius [100 and 106 degrees Fahrenheit]). These devices typically consist of a small chamber for one or more containers and a refrigeration system that can provide quick cooling to the chamber unit, lowering the infant formula to the desired temperature. Infant formula cooling units are used to facilitate feeding of babies when breast feeding is not possible or desirable with a milk-based substitute or less frequently, with other formulas (e.g., soy based) depending on the infant's requirements.

Entry Terms : "Refrigerators, Food, Milk Formula" , "Milk Formula Refrigerators" , "Infant Formula Refrigerators" , "Milk/Formula Coolers"

UMDC code : 15923

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