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Sample Preparation Equipment, Laboratory, Mass Spectrometry

Definition : Equipment designed for preparation of samples before mass spectrometry procedures. Most equipment is used for preparation of samples for matrix-assisted laser desorption/deionization (MALDI) mass spectrometry procedures. The equipment may used one of several different types of matrices as well as preparation techniques. The main aim is to obtain a homogenous layer of small matrix crystals containing a solid solution of the analyte. The preparation process is performed in two steps: (1) isolation and purification of a single or a mixture of components free from contaminants, and (2) sample processing in the MALDI target. The process includes the selection of matrix type [e.g., Sinapinic Acid, alpha-Cyano-4-hydroxycinnamic acid ( HCCA)], analyte concentration, crystallization conditions, additives, and in-situ sample cleaning. The methods of sample preparation include wetting the target with appropriate solutions, washing, and drying using a inert gas; the most used methods are the dried droplet method, the thin layer method, and the double layer method.

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