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Scanning Systems, Ultrasonic, Vascular

Definition : Ultrasonic scanning systems that include an ultrasonic scanner, transducers (frequencies of 5 to 12 MHz are typical for vascular scanning), dedicated software, an image recorder (e.g., videocassette), and a printer. Most vascular ultrasonic scanners include continuous-wave and pulsed-wave Doppler capabilities (including a spectrum analyzer) for sensing the velocity and location of blood flow; they can be operated in mode, color flow mapping mode, and triplex mode (i.e., simultaneous acquisition and display of 2-D gray-scale, spectral Doppler, and color flow data). Vascular ultrasonic scanning systems usually display images of the vessels in conjunction with spectrum analysis to depict the vessel and its obstructions. Some vascular scanners use a low-frequency (typically 2 MHz) Doppler transducer to obtain the blood flow velocity recording in the intracranial arteries. These systems are used for transdermal examination and diagnosis of diseases, occlusions, and obstructions in the peripheral vascular system, including a profile of the blood-flow velocity in the area under examination. Most of them also include capabilities for small-part examinations.

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