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Scar/Keloid Inhibition Sheets, Silicone Gel/Foam

Definition : Foam sheets with a silicone-gel surface designed to treat dermal wounds, preventing hypertrophic scar tissue and keloids when applied as a wound covering, facilitating uniform compression on the wound edges. These sheets typically consist of a soft, thick (typically about 13 cm/0.5 inch) layer of foam with a slightly adherent covering of silicone gel on the side applied to the wound. Scar/keloid inhibition silicone-gel-foam sheets are usually available in large sizes (e.g., 20 x 30 cm/8 x 12 inch); they are used, typically after surgery, as dressings in patients with dermal wounds, burns, or other wounds. Silicone-gel-foam sheets provide a gentle adherent patient interface and a consistent compression distribution that helps reduce inflammation and edema when compression garments are applied, especially after surgical procedures.

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