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Screwdrivers, Surgical, Bone/Bone Prosthesis

Definition : Surgical screwdrivers designed to apply torque to screws and bolts used to attach bone prostheses (e.g., plates) and implants to each other or to bones during orthopedic surgery. These screwdrivers typically consist of a handheld manual instrument consisting of a cylindrical handle and an axial shaft with a slotted or cruciform (i.e., Philips) tip with the size appropriate to handle screws and bolts used in orthopedic procedures. Surgical bone/bone prosthesis screwdrivers with distal tips appropriate for square or hexagonal socket heads are also available; powered screwdrivers using batteries are available. Bone/bone prosthesis screwdrivers can be dedicated to fixation (e.g., spinal) and/or manipulation of particular types of orthopedic prostheses.

Entry Terms : "Bone Fixation Screwdrivers" , "Bone Screwdrivers" , "Orthopedic Screwdrivers" , "Screwdrivers, Bone" , "Screwdrivers, Orthopedic"

UMDC code : 13517

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