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Simulators, Training, Heart Sound

Definition : Simulators designed to produce sounds and murmurs mimicking the timing and pitch of actual heart sounds. In addition to the normal heart sounds, the simulators can mimic other sounds such as clicks, snaps, murmurs, and regurgitation. These simulators usually include an anatomic model of the torso or head, with the neck and torso showing the anatomic landmarks. The torso model is also used to detect and recognize the correct anatomic locations of the sounds. Some of these simulators include capabilities for simultaneous electrocardiograph and/or phonocardiograph display, speakers for auditorium listeners, and auscultation units for group listening of a patient's heart sounds. Heart-sound simulators are used for training of healthcare staff in the auscultation of normal and abnormal heart sounds; some simulators may also include breath and/or bowel sounds.

Entry Terms : "Heart Sound Simulators" , "Heart Sound Training Simulators" , "Simulators, Cardiac, Heart Sound" , "Training Aids, Heart Sound"

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