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Simulators, Transducer Output, Pressure

Definition : Transducer output simulators designed to mimic the electrical signals at the output of a pressure transducer. Typically, the range of simulated pressures varies in a wide range (e.g., from -500 to +500 mm Hg); either static pressures or time-varying (i.e., dynamic) pressures can be simulated. Pressure transducer simulators are mostly used for testing the performance, trend, and alarm values of electronic pressure monitors (e.g., arterial and venous blood pressure, intracranial pressure, esophageal pressures) excluding the transducer of the device being tested.

Entry Terms : "Calibrators, Pressure Transducer" , "Intracranial Pressure Simulators" , "Esophageal Pressure Simulators" , "Pressure Transducer Simulators" , "Pressure Transducer Calibrators"

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UFI has been in business for more than 30 years on the California Central Coast. During that time, we have developed and built scores of different instruments for physiological research, both human and animal. Our research customers have ranged from NASA, which carried our Biolog data recorder into the depths of space, to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, which has deployed our data loggers on penguins diving below the Antarctic ice.

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