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Sphygmomanometers, Electronic

Definition : Sphygmomanometers designed for noninvasive measurement of blood pressure. These electronic devices include sound, pressure, volume, displacement, or other pressure-dependent variable sensors placed externally on the arteries; a transducer for conversion into an electric signal; and an electronic unit that converts and displays the signals as blood pressure values. Electronic sphygmomanometers that measure blood pressure by detecting and transducing blood sound turbulences (Korotkoff sounds) and/or air pressure fluctuations (i.e., auscultatory and oscillometric measurements) are available; other instruments may use different techniques (e.g., plethysmography). Electronic sphygmomanometers are used mainly for routine blood pressure measurement in hospital outpatient departments, doctor's offices, and other healthcare facilities; they are not usually intended to monitor or record blood pressure. Devices intended for either manual or automatic cuff inflation are available.

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