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Stents, Tracheobronchial

Definition : Stents designed for deployment into the trachea and the main stems of the bronchi, to provide support and/or to maintain patency of the respiratory airways, facilitating the flow of air into the lungs. These devices typically consist of a plastic (e.g., silicone) bifurcated tube (Y-shape). The bifurcated tracheobronchial stents fit snugly into the distal trachea, the carina, and the proximal bronchi. The stent surface may be coated to add special capabilities to the stent (e.g., water-repellant); they are usually deployed using a catheter and a rigid bronchoscope. Tracheobronchial stents are used to treat stenosis of the trachea, carina, and/or main stems of the bronchi caused either by benign diseases, injuries, or malignant tumors.

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Tracheobronchial" , "Bifurcated Stents, Tracheobronchial" , "Dumon Stents" , "Y-Stents" , "Tracheobronchial Stents" , "Silastic Stents" , "Polymeric Stents" , "Plastic Stents" , "Stents, Silastic"

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