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Stents, Urethral

Definition : Stents designed for deployment into the section of the urinary tract between the bladder and the external meatus (i.e., the urethra), including the prostatic, membranous, bulbar, and penile sections of the urethra, to provide support for and/or maintain patency within the duct. These devices typically include metallic self-expanding stents, either compressed metallic stents that open by themselves as soon as they are released or shape-memory stents manufactured from an alloy combining nickel and titanium (i.e., nitinol) that expands in response to body temperature. Some of these stents include radiopaque markers for accurate positioning. Urethral stents are typically deployed using endoscopic procedures; they are used mainly to treat recurrent urethral strictures and prostatic obstructions caused by diseases such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatic carcinoma.

Entry Terms : "Prostheses, Urethral" , "C-Stents, Urethral" , "Diaper Stents, Urethral" , "Prostatic Stents" , "Nitinol Stents" , "Self-Expanding Stents" , "Metallic Stents" , "Urethral Stents" , "Stents, Metallic"

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