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Stereotactic Systems, Image-Guided, Biopsy, Mammographic

Definition : Biopsy image-guided stereotactic computer-aided systems designed to aid in the performance of minimally invasive breast (i.e., mammographic) biopsy procedures by combining medical imaging, dedicated computer software, and surgical instrument (e.g., needle wires) and tracking systems for guidance. The systems provide surgeons with real-time, three-dimensional (3-D) positioning and orientation of instruments relative to the patient's anatomy on a video display during the biopsy. Image-guided stereotactic systems provide medical images that show the location of the instruments in real time during the biopsy. One or more imaging modalities, such as computed tomography (CT) and/or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), may be used in the procedure. Dedicated image-guided biopsy stereotactic systems intended for stand-alone use or to be mounted onto existing mammographic units are available.

Entry Terms : "Mammographic Image-Guided Biopsy Stereotactic Systems" , "Stereotactic Systems, Biopsy, Mammographic" , "Mammography Units" , "Stereotactic Biopsy Systems, Mammographic" , "Breast Biopsy Systems, Stereotactic" , "Biopsy Kits, Mammography" , "Breast Lesion Localization Systems"

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