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Stimulators, Electrical, Peripheral Nerve, Analgesic, Transcutaneous

Definition : Analgesic peripheral-nerve electrical stimulators that consist of external stimulators and electrodes that are placed on the skin in such a way that the body is not penetrated at any time, so the electrical stimulus is applied through the skin (transcutaneously) to the painful area. These stimulators typically include several predetermined stimulation modulation options (e.g., pulse frequency, pulse duration). Most of these stimulators are portable, battery-powered units commonly worn on a belt or carried in a pocket. These analgesic stimulators (also known as transcutaneous electric nerve stimulators [TENS]) are used to treat pain associated with surgery, trauma, musculoskeletal problems, bursitis, and dental problems and procedures; they are also used in physical therapy and during labor and delivery.

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