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Testers, Electrical Safety

Definition : Testers designed to manually and/or automatically verify the safety of electrically powered medical devices. These testers include an electric current meter that can measure the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) in micro- and milliamperes (mA) with a frequency response that complies with appropriate standards. Electrical safety testers can perform AC and DC leakage-current measurements (typically from 1 A to 20 mA) and resistance-to-ground assessments using two- and/or four-terminal techniques in devices up to several ohms; many testers can perform patient lead isolation tests in multiple-electrode devices. Some testers can also assess the safety of other electrical devices and accessories, such as line voltage/wiring in receptacles and the integrity and operation of ground-fault circuit interrupters; they may also provide signals with appropriate frequencies and waveforms to test several types of medical devices (e.g., pacemakers).

Entry Terms : "Galvanometers" , "Electrical Current Measuring Instruments" , "Electrical Safety Testers" , "Electrical Safety Analzyers"

UMDC code : 11399

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