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Thyroplasty Implants

Definition : Implants designed to improve the voice quality by altering the position of a paralyzed vocal cord that are surgically inserted through a natural fold of the neck (i.e., a thyroplasty surgery). These implants typically consist of two components: (1) a rectangular base made of rigid radiopaque plastic (e.g., silicone) material with several pieces intended to stabilize the implant (i.e., to prevent displacement and/or rotation) and (2) a usually triangular component made of a soft plastic polymer that pushes the paralyzed vocal cord to the midline (i.e., medialization) allowing the functional vocal cord to phonate, preventing aspiration when swallowing, and helping to produce an effective cough. Typically the base components have a different size for males and females; the triangular component is available in several different heights for both males and females. Thyroplasty implants are used to improve quality of vocalization in patients with unilateral vocal cord paralysis.

Entry Terms : "Laryngoplasty Medialization Implants" , "Unilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis Treatment Implants" , "Voice Improvement Thyroplasty Implants"

UMDC code : 32684

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