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Tinnitus Therapy Units, Ear Canal

Definition : Tinnitus therapy units that have a sound generator and a receiver that is worn in the patient's ear canal; by listening to these sounds, the patient can change or reduce their perception of the tinnitus over time. These sounds, which can be customized and programmed,could include white noise, pink noise, or environmental sounds such as rain or waterfalls. The sounds are generated by a controller, which may be hand held, or computers, television sets, or stereos, or built into the ear piece. The sounds are transmitted to the receiver that is placed in the ear canal. Some ear canal tinnitus therapy units are combined with hearing aids. The hearing aid amplifies external sound; the tinnitus therapy units plays therapy sounds to mask the tinnitus. These combination devices can be operated with microphone only signal, tinnitus therapy signal only, or mixed mode. These devices are called combination devices, since they can address both hearing loss and tinnitus in the same instrument.

Entry Terms : "Combined Hearing Aids" , "In-Ear Tinnitus Therapy Units"

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