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Transmitter/Receiver Systems, Telephone, Patient Location/Communication

Definition : Telephone transmitter/receiver systems designed to transmit and receive voice and/or text messages between a patient and relatives or caregivers through telephone channels (either wired or wireless). The system may also provide automated communication to the patient with an assistance center to get rapid help in case of emergencies. These systems typically include a wireless communication channel and a global positioning system (GPS) for continuous location of the patient, a wearable cell telephone intended for continuous use by the patient, and appropriate receivers in remote locations. Some telephones include automated or button-operated alarms for emergency calls. Patient location/communication systems are used mainly by disabled patients and the elderly to improve their safety and autonomy. Many systems include telephones that are capable of sending automated messages when the patient wanders outside a pre-determined area.

Entry Terms : "Patient Location/Communication Telephone Transmitter/Receiver Systems" , "Telephones"

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