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Trephines, Surgical, Tracheal Fenestration

Definition : Surgical trephines designed to cut and remove circular sections of the trachea resulting in accurate size holes intended for the insertion of a tracheostomy tube or tracheal cannula. These trephines are handheld, manual instruments consisting of a hollow metal cylinder with a serrated circular-saw-like edge and an inner concentric cannula that is attached to the tracheal wall in the desired location, The serrated edge is rotated to make the appropriate circular hole through the tracheal tissue and cartilage while the internal cannula is usually connected to a vacuum (suction) tube to aspirate the dissected tracheal tissue. Tracheal fenestration trephines are available in several diameter sizes (e.g., 6, 8, 11mm) to match the tube or cannula to be inserted, either as individual devices or as sets of several different sizes.

Entry Terms : "Tracheal Fenestration Trephines" , "Tracheal Fenestrators"

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