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Valves, Demand, Analgesic/Anesthetic Gas

Definition : Demand valves used in medical gas systems to control the flow of analgesic/anesthetic gas according to the patient's demand, or need, for sedation. The analgesic/anesthetic gas flow is controlled by the patient's respiratory effort; the deeper the inhalation, the greater the demand for the analgesic/anesthetic gas and the greater the flow. During inspiration, a negative pressure is applied that opens the demand valve, thereby increasing flow of the analgesic/anesthetic gas. During exhalation, a positive is applied that closes the demand valve and shuts off the analgesic/anesthetic gas supply. Analgesic/anesthetic gas demand valves are used in hospitals and most other healthcare facilities with patients who require sedation. They can be hand-held, used with portable medical gas cylinders, or with a central gas supply line.

Entry Terms : "Analgesia/Anesthesia Gas Demand Valves" , "Analgesic/Anesthetic Gas Demand Valves"

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