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Vein Finders, Infrared Light

Definition : Vein finders that pass infrared or near-infrared light through targeted body tissues to non-invasively locate and assess peripheral veins through transillumination or imaging. The vein finder projects infrared light onto the patient's skin; the infrared light is absorbed by red blood cells and reflected by other cells, which helps differentiate the veins from the surrounding tissue. The reflected light is digitized by the device, revealing an image of underlying veins. Infrared light vein finders are used to locate veins before the introduction of diagnostic or therapeutic devices into the patient's venous system. They are also used to locate blood vessels before inserting needles for fluid collection (e.g., blood draw) or infusion. Infrared vein finders are often used with patients with hard-to-find veins, such as those with low body temperature, or who are neonate, dehydrated, obese, or dark-skinned.

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