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Video Systems, Endoscopic, Chip Camera, Laryngoscopic Intubation

Definition : Endoscopic video systems with a microchip camera (i.e., a charge-coupled device [CCD]) designed for visualizing the interior of the larynx during intubation procedures. These systems typically consist of a laryngoscope that includes a CCD camera attached to its blade distal tip, an image processor, a control unit, a fiberoptic light source (e.g., xenon lamp), a monitor with a display, and output ports for recording; they are frequently mounted on a cart or a self-supported stand. Video endoscopy systems for laryngoscopic intubation are intended to provide a clear view of the vocal cords; they are used mainly for tracheal intubation procedures but may also be used to assess the oropharynx and/or to remove foreign bodies.

Entry Terms : "Laryngoscopes, Flexible, Intubation" , "Laryngoscopic Intubation Video Systems" , "Video Intubation Systems" , "Endotracheal Tube Insertion Laryngoscopes"

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