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Water Chillers

Definition : Equipment designed to exchange heat from water to a substance that is capable of a reversible phase transition from liquid to gas (i.e., a refrigerant). This equipment typically consists of a powered (e.g., electrical, steam) mechanical unit that provides the heat exchange from the water to the refrigerant in a closed loop; then the refrigerant may transfer the heat to the local environment or pump it to the external atmosphere. Water chillers frequently use the vapor-compression technology (i.e., the reverse Rankine cycle) which main components are: (1) the refrigeration compressor, (2) a heat exchanger (i.e., condenser), and (3) an evaporator (that is also a heat exchanger); other technologies such as those based on absorption technology are also available. Water chillers are used in many applications that require keeping the temperature low, including air conditioning, bringing down the water temperature in processes (e.g., sterilization) that produce heating (e.g., to speed the drying cycles), and during laboratory analysis that require low temperature.

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