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X-Ray Film Handling Equipment, Automatic, Daylight

Definition : Equipment designed for diagnostic x-ray film processing in any room under normal lighting conditions. This equipment may consist either of a centralized unit that integrates cassette loading, unloading, and processing functions into a single unit that automatically unloads the exposed film and passes it to the attached or integral processor; or a modular system that includes specially designed or modified conventional cassettes, a film-loading dispenser, a cassette film unloader with an integral identification-labeling system, and an automated x-ray film processor to which the unloader is attached. X-ray daylight film handling equipment allows an unassisted technologist, or one in an area remote from a darkroom, to process a diagnostic examination without leaving the area or losing sight of the patient. The use of daylight film handling equipment reduces the time spent waiting for film processing, sometimes eliminating the need for darkrooms and darkroom personnel.

Entry Terms : "Daylight Film Systems"

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ImageWorks' (formerly AFP Imaging's) 30 plus years of experience in research, product development, manufacturing and distribution of medical, dental and veterinary imaging solutions distinguishes us from the rest.From the demanding environmental conditions of a remote clinic in a South American rain forest to the high volume requirements of a major New York medical center, ImageWorks' products are the indispensable tools of medical, dental, veterinary and industrial professionals. Sold worldwide, the ImageWorks family of products has an outstanding reputation for ISO 9001 quality and reliability

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