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Optokinetic Drums

Definition : Diagnostic ophthalmic devices designed to elicit and evaluate the regular, involuntary movement of the eyeball (i.e., nystagmus). The devices are typically drum-like cylinders covered with uniform white and dark vertical stripes with a handle. The rotation of the devices can induce optokinetic nystagmus, and then the examiner observes the patient's abnormal eye responses. Optokinetic drums are used to diagnose a variety of visual problems.

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Richmond Products, Inc was founded almost 60 years ago by P. Lloyd Powell (a former employee of Bausch & Lomb) and Ruth M. Powell to provide specialized Ophthalmic products to Bausch & Lomb. Over the years the product offering expanded as both Bausch & Lomb and American Optical discontinued smaller hand held testing devices used by Ophthalmologists and Optometrists

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