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Cuffs, Tourniquet, Reusable

Definition : A bandlike device for reusable purposes which encircles an extremity (arm or leg) to control the circulation and prevent normal blood flow to or from the distal area. It is used in combination with a tourniquet unit which controls the pressure applied. The cuff usually comprises a dual chamber allowing for alternation of the pressure site.

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Koven Technology Inc

Company Type: Parent

Koven Technology, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of Koven Hadeco Vascular Dopplers in the USA , Canada , and the UK . We pioneered the Koven Hadeco trademark brand Dopplers, developed according to our requirements and have worked to develop a wide variety of vascular, fetal and surgical Dopplers. Since 1981, Our goal has been to deliver safe and effective medical devices to improve patient care and the efficiency of your practice.

Prestige Medical Corp

Company Type: Parent

Prestige Medical is a manufacturer of professional diagnostic instruments and accessories to the healthcare community. Over 40 years ago, Prestige Medical pioneered the concept of pairing diagnostic medical instruments and nursing accessories with medical uniforms in retail uniform stores across the USA. Specializing in unique color choices, fashionable accessories, and patented designs, Prestige Medical continually innovates and enables the personalization of healthcare instruments.

Vasomedical Inc

Company Type: Parent

VasoHealthcare, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vasomedical, Inc., represents GE Healthcare, the healthcare business unit of GE, for the sale of select GE Healthcare Diagnostic Imaging products.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).


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