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Bronchoscopes, Flexible, Video/Ultrasound

Definition : Bronchoscopes designed to access, examine, diagnose, obtain samples for biopsy, and/or treat the lower respiratory track (i.e., the bronchi) and surrounding anatomic structures using ultrasonic probes. These bronchoscopes usually consist of an outer (plastic or metal) sheath, an ultrasonic probe with appropriate transducers at the distal tip, and a working channel through which catheters, fine biopsy needles, and other operative devices are introduced. Flexible bronchoscopes with ultrasonic capabilities are intended for evaluation of the bronchi to detect lesions, take tissue samples intended for biopsies, and provide further assessment of surrounding structures using the ultrasound scanning images. The ultrasonic images (e.g., color and Doppler) permit the visualization of the mediastinum and lymph nodes in the chest surrounding the airways (bronchi) that are used to facilitate the staging of lung cancer.

Entry Terms : "Ultrasound/Video Flexible Bronchoscopes" , "Video/Ultrasound Flexible Bronchoscopes"

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