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Dental Inserters, Small Prosthesis, Pressure-Sensitive

Definition : Dental inserters designed for holding and placement of small dental prostheses (i.e., dental restorations) using a pressure-sensitive adhesive at the tip. These devices typically consist of a disposable inserter resembling a swab whose tip at the proximal end (i.e., making contact with the teeth) carries a pressure-dependent adhesive which permits the dentist to apply appropriate pressure between the inserter and the prosthesis according to the size and weight of the prosthesis to be inserted. After the correct position of the restoration is verified, the inserter is taken away leaving the prosthesis in place. Small restoration dental inserters are used mainly to insert dental (mainly cosmetic) fixed prostheses such as veneers, brackets, crowns, inlays, and onlays.

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MICROBRUSH INTERNATIONAL develops, produces and markets innovative disposable applicators designed for the placement of controlled amounts of materials in hard-to-reach areas

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