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Ovens, Laboratory, Forced-Air, Convection, Plasma Thawing

Definition : Forced-air convection laboratory ovens intended for thawing and/or warming frozen plasma and/or other related products (e.g., whole blood, erythrocytes, cryopreparations) in a dry environment. Typically heat is transferred from a heat plate by conduction and also by forced-air convection to the plasma bag. These devices usually consist of a tabletop unit that includes an enclosure where the plasma bags are inserted, electronic processing circuits, heating elements, a blower, temperature sensors and controls, and data output ports to keep record of the process. The ovens may also include some means to provide gentle agitation (e.g., rocking) to the bags during the thawing/warming process. Plasma thawing forced-air ovens are mainly used in laboratories, blood banks, and trauma centers to thaw and/or warm blood products close to body temperature (i.e., 37 degrees Celsius/98.5 degrees Fahrenheit) prior to transfusion.

Entry Terms : "Thawing Units, Plasma" , "Defrosters, Plasma" , "Plasma Thawing Units" , "Plasma Defrosters" , "Dry Plasma Thawing Ovens" , "Plasma Thawing Forced-Air Convection Ovens"

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