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External Shock Wave Therapy Systems, Electromagnetic/Pneumatic, Orthopedic

Definition : External shock-wave therapy (ESWT) systems that combine electromagnetic and pneumatic ESWT units designed for use in orthopedic procedures. These systems typically consist of: (1) a unit consisting of an electromagnetic generator that produces a magnetic field when an electric current circulates through a coil attached to a thin metallic membrane; a very low frequency (e.g., frequencies up to 15 Hz) shock wave is then generated when the membrane is repelled by the magnetic field; the shock waves are then applied through a radial applicator to provide radial-pressure-wave therapy, and (2) a unit that consists of a compressor used to generate pneumatic ESWT of low frequencies (usually up to 35Hz) that are delivered using an applicator to the affected areas to provide vibration therapy. Electromagnetic (radial) ESWT therapy is used in orthopedic procedures to alleviate pain and treatment of chronic orthopedic diseases (e.g., plantar fasciitis, calcifying tendinitis); pneumatic ESWT (vibration) therapy is intended to trigger body actions such as inhibiting inflammatory mediators, activate cellular defenses, and release of pain mediators.

Entry Terms : "ESWT Systems, Orthopedic" , "External Shock Wave Therapy Systems, Orthopedic" , "Orthopedic Shock Wave Therapy Systems"

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Medispec Ltd

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Medispec – a leading Shock Wave Therapy (SWT) systems manufacturer — is making waves in the global medical community. A twenty year track record of providing high performance shock wave technology systems customized to client needs has made Medispec the company to turn to for non-invasive cardiology, urology, orthopedic, physiotherapy, and cellulite control applications.

Premier Shockwave

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