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Defibrillators, External, Automated/Manual

Definition : External defibrillators that combine in one unit the capabilities of automated and manual defibrillators. Automated mode operation of these defibrillators only requires the user to apply the electrodes to the patient's thorax and follow the voice prompts and/or on-screen messages. Then the defibrillators analyze the ECG rhythm to determine if a defibrillation shock is needed; if it is, the defibrillator warns the operator and automatically charges and discharges. When operated in manual mode the defibrillators require the operator to observe the ECG waveform, confirm ventricular fibrillation, and perform the necessary operations to apply the selected level of stored energy through the paddles to the thorax of the patient; the device may also provide cardioversion in manual mode. Combined automated/manual defibrillators usually include an electrocardiographic monitor as an integral part. The devices are typically battery-operated and easy to operate to facilitate the use in automated mode by people with very little training in the field, during transportation, and in emergency situations.

Entry Terms : "Defibrillators, Battery-Powered" , "Shock-Advisory Defibrillators" , "Defibrillators, Automatic" , "Automated/Manual External Defibrillators" , "Automated/Semiautomated Defibrillators" , "Combined Automated/Manual External Defibrillators" , "Defibrillators, Automated/Semiautomated" , "Manual/Automated External Defibrillators"

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