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Tourniquets, Pneumatic, Automated, Compressed Gas

Definition : Pneumatic tourniquets including tubing for connection to a compressed gas source designed to constrict/compress circumferentially an extremity for a limited period of time by applying a precise amount of pressure using an automated gas-inflated cuff. The pressure is applied to the limb surface and underlying tissues using the cuff; pressure is then transferred to the blood vessels causing a temporary occlusion. The pressure should be at least equal or higher than the minimum required to occlude the blood flow (i.e., limb occlusion pressure [LOP]). These tourniquets typically include one or more inflatable cuffs and a unit connected to a central air system unit or a compressed gas cylinder. The tourniquet main unit usually includes controls, regulators, monitors for the applied pressure, and alarms for abnormal conditions; computerized automated tourniquets can perform self-calibration checks and display elapsed inflation time. Compressed gas pneumatic tourniquets are used mainly during surgical procedures in the extremities which enable surgeons to perform delicate procedures in bloodless operative fields; they may be used also to stop bleeding during emergency care.

Entry Terms : "Central Air System Tourniquets" , "Compressed Gas Cylinder Tourniquets" , "Compressed Gas Tourniquets" , "Tourniquets, Pneumatic, Automated, Central Air System"

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