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Tourniquets, Non-Inflatable Strap, Emergency, Self-Application

Definition : Non-inflatable strap tourniquets designed for self-application (i.e., one-hand) to circumferentially constrict/compress an extremity for a limited period of time to control venous and arterial bleeding (i.e., hemorrhage) in emergency situations. These tourniquets usually consist of a plain (e.g., plastic) band that includes some means for easy and quick self-fixing (e.g., strips, clips, self-adhesive bands, built-in ratchets) around the affected limb usually using only one hand. Wearable tourniquets intended for carrying attached (e.g., belt) to the body of the user are also available. Self-application emergency strap non-inflatable tourniquets are mainly used in the field by people subject to high risk of injuries, such as policemen, firemen, and members of the armed forces during combat; they may be also used by paramedics and/or other trained personnel during emergency situations including traumatic accidents, natural disasters, riots, and war.

Entry Terms : "Combat Tourniquets" , "Self-Application Tourniquets" , "Wearable Tourniquets"

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