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Compressed Gas Proportioners, Oxygen-Nitric Oxide

Definition : Compressed gas proportioners designed to mix compressed nitric oxide (NO) and oxygen (O2) to achieve adjustable nitric oxide concentrations usually from 100 to 800 ppm; the device receives nitric oxide and oxygen from compressed gas sources. These proportioners are usually equipped with a pressure-regulating mechanism, connectors for the primary gas sources and also for delivering of the blended gas, and an alarm that signals if the nitrous oxide (N2O) that result from the combination of NO with oxygen content is above safe values (e.g., 1 ppm). Nitric oxide is intended for inhalation as a pulmonary vasodilator; it is used for pulmonary diseases (e.g., asthma) and especially in newborns with hypoxic respiratory failure. Some proportioners are dedicated proportioners intended to provide nitric oxide by mixing oxygen (O2) with a mixture of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen (N2).

Entry Terms : "Nitric Oxide-Oxygen Blenders" , "Nitric Oxide-Oxygen Compressed Gas Proportioners" , "Nitric Oxide-Oxygen Mixers" , "Oxygen-Nitric Oxide (O2-NO) Compressed Gas Proportioners, Central Supply" , "Proportioners, Nitric Oxide-Oxygen"

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