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Compressed Gas Proportioners, Oxygen-Nitrous Oxide

Definition : Compressed gas proportioners designed to mix compressed nitrous oxide (N2O) and oxygen (O2) to achieve nitrous oxide concentrations adjustable up to 70 percent at either high- or low-output flows. Typically, the device receives nitrous oxide and oxygen from the hospital gas pipeline or from compressed gas sources. These proportioners are usually equipped with a pressure-regulating mechanism; connectors for the primary gas sources and the delivery of the blended gas; and an alarm that signals if the oxygen content is below 25 percent. The mixed gas output can be delivered to patients at low flows ranging from 3 L/min to more than 30 L/min. N2O/O2 proportioners are frequently used in combination with flowmeters, tubing, and masks for administration of analgesia in oral surgery, dentistry, obstetrics, and other clinical procedures.

Entry Terms : "Mixers, Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen" , "Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Blenders" , "Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Compressed Gas Proportioners" , "Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen Mixers" , "O2-N2O Compressed Gas Proportioners" , "Oxygen-Nitrous Oxide Compressed Gas Proportioners" , "Proportioners, Nitrous Oxide-Oxygen"

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