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Tracheoscopes, Rigid, Orotracheal Intubation

Definition : Rigid tracheoscopes designed to view images of the carina and tracheal structure during orotracheal intubation procedures. These tracheoscopes (also known as optical intubation stylets) consist of a rigid slim endoscope usually in a length range from 28 to 35 cm (11 to 14 inch) with a curved distal end that can accommodate endotracheal tubes of 6 mm (.25 inch) diameter of larger (adult versions) or from 2.5 mm (.10 inch) up for pediatric use. Some devices are designed for direct visualization during the intubation procedure while others include a fiberoptic bundle to obtain images on external displays. Some devices may include a working channel to aspirate mucus and debris and/or to deliver oxygen but most rigid tracheoscopes do not include any working channel. Orotracheal intubation rigid tracheoscopes are mainly used in patients with limited mouth opening and/or cervical spine or neck movement. Some tracheoscopes are intended for retromolar intubation allowing simultaneous adequate dental occlusion, facilitating intraoperative maxillary fixation in patients with severe head traumas.

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