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Testers, Conductivity, Floor/Equipment/Cloth

Definition : Electrical testers designed to measure the conductivity (or its inverse, resistivity) of conductive equipment, garments, and/or floors. These testers are typically an instrument that can measure conductivity from a few to several hundred mA (i.e., from hundreds of ohms to some megohms) at several voltage levels (e.g., 90, 500V) and probes appropriate for the surface to be measured (e.g., heavy, wide-surface probes for floor surface measurements). Some testers also include a visual signal (e.g., colored lights) to indicate that the measured conductivity is below preestablished safety values. Floor/equipment/cloth conductivity testers are used to measure conductivity on the floor and equipment surfaces in surgical rooms, as well as in sheets (e.g., bed, table sheets) and garments (e.g., gowns) of the surgical staff; they are used in rooms with potentially explosive environments.

Entry Terms : "Cloth Conductivity Testers" , "Equipment Conductivity Testers" , "Testers, Conductivity, Gown" , "Testers, Conductivity, Floor/Equipment" , "Gown Resistance Testers" , "Floor Conductivity Testers"

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