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Dispenser/Melters, Dental Hydrocolloid Duplication

Definition : Equipment designed for melting, conditioning, and dispensing of hydrocolloid material (commonly known as duplicating gel) at optimal temperature for immediate use. This equipment typically consists of: (1) a melter consisting of a metal (e.g., stainless steel) unit with double walls that includes heaters to melt the hydrocolloid (e.g., agar), an agitator, accurate temperature and time programmable controls, and a display; and (2) a dispenser including a faucet with a dedicated valve that prevents solidification of the material (e.g., by pressing the still hot duplicating material back into the container). Some equipment is programmable using dedicated software permitting the performance of temperature cycles. Dental hydrocolloid duplicating dispensers/melters (also known as dental hydrocolloid duplicators) are used in dental laboratories to obtain duplicates of the primary molds.

Entry Terms : "Agar Dental Duplicating Units" , "Agar Melting/Dispensing Units" , "Dental Hydrocolloid Dispenser/Melters" , "Dental Hydrocolloid Duplicators" , "Duplicating Gel Dental Dispenser/Melters" , "Duplicating Gel Dental Duplicators"

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