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Transport Containers, Thermal Protection, Wet Ice, Blood/Blood Product

Definition : Containers designed to provide a cold environment to blood and/or blood products during transportation using frozen water (also known as wet ice) as a refrigerant. These containers typically consist of a polystyrene container, including polystyrene dividers covered by an outer cardboard shell (also known as a Collins box) with capacity enough (typically about 3 cubic feet/85 cubic dm for 18 units of whole blood) for the ice and the blood bags. Wet-ice blood transport containers are used for keeping maintaining blood viability for a period of time of about 48 hours during transportation of products between healthcare facilities or to remote places during emergency situations, combat, or other needs; the containers are also available in other sizes, they may be portable or mobile.

Entry Terms : "Blood Transport Containers" , "Collins Boxes" , "Wet Ice Transport Containers, Blood/Blood Product"

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