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Detectors, Chromatography, Gas, Flame-Ionization

Definition : Chromatography detectors designed to assess the individual molecules that come out (i.e., elute) from the chromatography column of a gas chromatography (GC) system by using a combined hydrogen/air flame that breaks down the molecules and produces ions (i.e., a flame ionization detector [FID]). FIDs consist of a chamber including the ionizing flame, a collector assembly plate with electrodes that collect the ions and provide an output electrical signal that is sent to a computerized system. The system, including appropriate software, can display a chromatogram showing the constituents of the sample with an amplitude proportional to the quantity in the sample. FIDs work only for organic/hydrocarbon containing compounds due to the ability of the carbons to form cations and electrons upon pyrolysis which generates a current between the electrodes; these detectors destroy the sample while measuring, they should be used as the last component when using a series of GC detectors. The devices may be also used as organic environmental gas detectors.

Entry Terms : "Flame-Ionization Gas Chromatography Detectors"

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