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Fermenter/Bioreactors, Microbiology

Definition : Fermenters/bioreactors designed to provide optimum conditions for microorganism fermentation processes (including culture) under controlled, frequently anaerobic, conditions. This equipment typically consists of a main unit (also known as a bioreactor) and a reusable fermentation chamber. The main unit is an electromechanical apparatus with a mechanism (e.g., stirring, shaking, rotatory) that provides strong and vigorous movement and large quantities of air to the fermenter chamber (vessel) and also includes process controls (e.g., dissolved oxygen, pH); the unit may also include other devices, such as pumps, mixing devices, and grinders. Some equipment provides in-situ sterilization options for the fermentation chamber. Microbiology fermenters/bioreactors are used for fermentation procedures performed in bacteria, fungi, yeast and other microorganisms in laboratories and industrial manufacturing. Dedicated equipment that works using single-use (i.e., disposable) fermentation chambers is also available.

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