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Mattress Systems, Patient Repositioning

Definition : Mattress systems designed to provide automated periodic changes of patient's position when lying on bed mattresses. These systems include a mechanism that automatically moves the patient following a manual command or following a pre-established program. There are several technologies used for patient repositioning, including: (1) a manually actuated mechanism that moves a soft sheet longer than the bed which straightens thus repositioning the patient; each sheet can be used several times to repeat the procedure, (2) a combination of a conventional mattress with a slatted flexible base with several active slats that provide slow movements to turn the patient from side to side. Some systems using other technologies are also available. Patient repositioning mattress systems are typically used in the care and management of patients who require special pressure relief surfaces (e.g., those who have, or at risk for developing pressure/decubitus ulcers) as well as patients who have or are risk for developing pulmonary complications related to immobility. The systems are also intended to reduce healthcare staff injuries due to manual patient repositioning.

Entry Terms : "Repositioning Mattress Systems" , "Sheet Straightening Repositioning Mattress Systems" , "Slatted Repositioning Mattress Systems"

UMDC code : 34047

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