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Darkfield Illuminators, Microscope Pathology Slide

Definition : Illuminators designed to provide darkfield illumination (i.e., illumination from oblique angles) for the examination of microscope pathology slides that are mainly intended for use in computer-aided pathology slide systems. These illuminators provide automated capabilities to provide darkfield images to the systems by attaching the device to the stage of the microscope. The illuminator typically includes a LED array which light enters through the side of the slide glass, creating a total internal reflection in the glass in such a way that the camera only receives the scattered light from the specimen. Darkfield images allow the observation of the morphological characteristics of unstained, fluorescent, or Diaminobenzidine- (DAB) stained specimens, especially from brain tissue samples. Darkfield slide illuminators are used to add capabilities to the microscope, in conjunction with brightfield or fluorescence images (e.g., for samples of neurologic tissue), especially when used with digital imaging systems.

Entry Terms : "Darkfield Illuminators" , "Illuminators" , "Pathology Slide Darkfield Microscope Illuminators"

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