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Plethysmographs, Lower/Upper Limb, Photo

Definition : Plethysmographs designed for non-invasive measuring and recording data and graphics (i.e., a plethysmogram) of the volume and variations in volume of the limbs due to the presence and flow of blood in the peripheral vascular system that are based on the reflection of light by the red blood cells. These plethysmographs consist of a device (e.g., a clamp) that is placed on the dorsum of a finger or toe that includes a light source (typically infrared) and a photo sensor; the device also include a central unit with a display to show the waveform and data, and connection cables. When the light is reflected from the tissue the data is processed using a dedicated software and the results are displayed on a monitor screen, usually as a waveform of the blood flow. Photo plethysmographs allow to determine the conditions of the blood flow (i.e., the presence of obstructions); they may also provide information related to the conditions of the peripheral arteries, such as the relationship between the ankle and arm pressures (i.e., the ankle/brachial index).

Entry Terms : "Extremity Artery Blow Flow Meters" , "Lower Limb Photo Plethysmographs" , "Photo Plethysmographs" , "Upper Limb Photo Plethysmographs"

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