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Analyzers, Physiologic, Joint Laxity

Definition : Physiologic analyzers designed to assess the functioning of normal or abnormal joints (e.g., knee); they can measure and document the slackness and/or displacement in the motion of a joint (i.e., the joint laxity), usually by measuring ranges of motion, acceleration, or forces exerted by the joint. Some of these analyzers can also assess other characteristics of the joints, such as the stability and/or anterior/posterior tibial displacement. Joint laxity evaluation physiologic analyzers are used in joint function diagnoses and/or in reconstructive surgery to evaluate and control joint laxity and stability of the knee and the length of reconstructed ligaments.

Entry Terms : "Tropometers" , "Testers, Joint Laxity" , "Rigidity Analyzers, Physiologic" , "Knee Arthrometers" , "Arthrometers"

UMDC code : 17727


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Faro Technologies Inc

FARO develops and markets computer-aided coordinate measurement and imaging devices and software. Portable equipment from FARO permits high-precision 3D measurement, imaging and comparison of parts and compound structures within production and quality assurance processes.

IM Systems

IM Systems (Individual Monitoring Systems, Inc.) established in 1988, is a high-tech biomedical company engaged in the business of medical research, product design, clinical testing and manufacturing of products for the medical, health and fitness industries. Its mission has been to develop and market highly innovative personal monitoring devices for use in the clinical setting as well as the home environment. In the past, the company has worked closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other distinguished institutions in the design of these unique portable instruments that serve both the medical community and the consumer marketplace.

MEDmetric Corp

MEDmetric Corporation, creator of the KT1000 Knee Ligament ARTHROMETER, designs, manufacturers and markets innovative sports medicine products for clinical, surgical and rehabilitation applications.

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