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Flowmeters, Blood, Magnetic Resonance

Definition : Blood flowmeters designed for non-invasive measurement of blood flow using nuclear magnetic resonance principles; the instrument typically senses magnetic resonance signals (typically at frequencies between a few MHz to 100 MHz) from the blood resulting from the application of a magnetic field; it measures blood flow volume through a cross section of the limb at defined intervals. These flowmeters are available in two main types. One type has a cylindrical coil configuration suitable for blood flow measurements through a cross-section of a limb and a second type, less frequently used, includes flat cross-coil detectors that can measure blood flow at almost any surface of the body. Nuclear magnetic resonance instruments can measure independently of vessel depth under overlying tissue, calcified arteries, or outer clothing. The intended applications of the instruments include quantifying the results of angioplasty, atherectomy, and bypass procedures; confirming suspected ischemia; helping to assess the results of diet, exercise, and medication therapy; and determining if limb claudication or pain has a vascular circulation origin.

Entry Terms : "Magnetic Resonance Blood-Flow Scanners" , "Magnetic Resonance Blood Flowmeters"

UMDC code : 18019


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