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Lifts, Waste/Laundry Cart

Definition : Lifts designed to carry and transport carts filled with trash, laundry, or other hospital loads from one place to another of different heights. Most of these lifts can also tip/turn carts to dump their contents into large bins, incinerators, or compactors, raising the cart out and over the receiving bins. Waste/laundry lifts are used to move hospital materials with minimum human effort, avoiding contact of content by hospital personnel.

Entry Terms : "Laundry Equipment" , "Laundry/Waste Cart Lifts" , "Waste/Laundry Cart Lifts"

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Compactors Inc

Company Type: Parent

Compactors, Inc. is headquartered on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. Before the formation of Compactors, Inc., the principals were heavily involved in the oil industry, primarily in the supply of off-shore production equipment, tubulars, supplies and compactors for operations in the Gulf of Mexico and throughout the world.

Faribo Mfg Co

Company Type: Parent

McClure Industries Inc

Company Type: Parent

Del McClure, the founder of McClure Industries, is a veteran of the laundry industry. As a maintenance engineer he saw that no thought had been put into the design and manufacture of carts used in laundries. He recognized problems in design and construction: carts that couldn't hold weight without bulging, carts that were difficult to maneuver, and carts that caused back injuries from repetitive movement. He coupled his insight, engineering experience and his knowledge of fiberglass construction and developed the line of Sanitrux carts. McClure Industries can count several "firsts". The Spring Platform cart answered the problem of emptying heavy loads piece by piece. As the pieces are unloaded, the platform bottom raises, eliminating bending and decreasing the time it takes to unload a cart.

1-3 of 3 Match(es).


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