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Distention Systems, Mechanical, Laparoscopic

Definition : Systems designed to create space in the abdominal cavity for laparoscopic procedures by mechanically lifting the abdominal wall. These devices require minimal or no gas insufflation. These devices lift the abdominal wall by inserting a refractor, sling, or subcutaneous wires and then provide lift with an external lifting system such as manual traction, a support arm clamped to the operating table, or a winch and framework.

Entry Terms : "Planar Lifting Devices" , "Peritoneal Lifting Devices" , "Mechanical Lifting Devices, Abdominal" , "Lifts, Abdominal" , "Gasless Retracting Systems" , "Endoscopic Retractors" , "Elevators, Abdominal" , "Distention Systems, Laparoscopic" , "Abdominal Wall Elevator Retractors" , "Abdominal Distention Systems" , "Abdominal Cavity Expanders" , "Gasless Distention Systems"

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