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Staples, Bone, Compression, Heat Reshaping

Definition : Compression bone staples that can be reconformed to their original shape after being delivered into the bones by applying a heated electric current through them. These staples apply a compression force across bone fractures or fusion sites by deflecting their prongs; they are made of special shape-memory metal alloys (e.g., nitinol). Heat reshaping staples are available in several sizes and shapes; they are intended to accelerate the healing response of bones. The staples are used in procedures such as general fracture fixation; skull, maxillofacial, and other oral fractures; and ligament reattachment.

Entry Terms : "Memory Staples" , "Heat Reshaping Staples"

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BioMedical Enterprises Inc

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BME was founded in 1991 as a biomedical research firm, working closely with leading teaching institutions and some of the world's largest orthopaedic companies on various bone healing research projects. Over time BME entered the medical device market searching for products that would help bones heal faster and better. Through collaborations with a worldwide network of research and innovation, BME was introduced to memory metal compression bone staples and soon became the first to market heat-activated shape memory devices in the United States.

InteliFUSE Inc

Company Type: Parent

1-2 of 2 Match(es).


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