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Solutions, Postsurgical Adhesion Inhibition

Definition : Solutions designed to act as a temporary barrier inhibiting postsurgical adhesion between tissues and organs. These solutions are applied to the surface of tissues and organs at the end of surgery, before surgical closure, and are typically resorbed by the body in a short period (e.g., several days). Postsurgical adhesion inhibition solutions are intended for use in pelvic and gynecological surgery, both in open and laparoscopic procedures.

Entry Terms : "Surgical Adhesion Barrier Solutions" , "Adhesion Inhibition Solutions" , "Adhesion Barrier Solutions" , "Scarring Inhibitors" , "Postsurgical Scarring Inhibitors" , "Barriers, Adhesion, Resorbable"

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Anika Therapeutics Inc

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Anika Therapeutics is a pioneer in developing therapeutic products for tissue protection, healing and repair. These products are based on hyaluronic acid (HA), a naturally occurring polymer found throughout the body. HA enhances joint function and coats, protects, cushions and lubricates soft tissues. HA also is present in the skin, where it supports skin structure and elasticity. With more than 20 years of experience in HA technology, Anika is recognized worldwide as a provider of premium HA products that are effective, safe and long-lasting.

Confluent Surgical Inc

Company Type: Parent

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