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Decontaminants, Chemical Neutralization, Oxidizing, Foam, Binary

Definition : Foam-oxidizing decontaminants consisting of a binary mixture of surfactants and mild oxidizers intended to transform the chemical agents into nontoxic substances; they may also be effective in killing bacteria, spores, and viruses. Binary spray foam decontaminants are usually supplied as a twin liquid sprayer device. The simultaneous delivery of both sprays combine to form a foam that expands to many (e.g., 100) times its liquid volume; the foam collapses back as a nondangerous toxic liquid form in a few hours. They are intended for decontamination from nerve agents of the G series and VX, mustard (HD), and biological agents such as anthrax.

Entry Terms : "Binary Foam Decontaminants" , "Decon Foam" , "Decontamination Foam"

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Modec Inc

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MDF-500 is the most advanced restoration and remediation formulation available today, providing professionals with an unmatched remediation tool. MDF-500 is the "most cost effective solution" in the remediation industry; decontaminating commercial and residential facilities in a number of different applications.

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